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Well, for another short time the private commission are OPEN. If want information sand me a private message. I'll Answer in a few days.

Enjoy!!!! :)
Commisions close :)
If you are interest for a personal commission contact me. :)

The countdown to the presentation of "The hammer the gods", my personal work, has begun.
Meanwhile, hope you like this sketched preview.  :)

<span class="">If you are interested and to better follow the project<span class="">, follow me</span> on facebook </span>…<span class="">
You will find over time sketch, video of execution of the illustrations and much more! (<span class="">things that</span> you can not see on deviantart<span class="">!)

<span class=""><span class=""><span class="">I hope to see so many! :D</span>
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Can you follow on facebook too now!!!…
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Finally my shop is open.
If you are interested give us a look, maybe you find something that you can like! :D

and up to May 11, there is a special offer!…
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I hate Italy, the country of "friends", "recommendations" and "push", where no matter how good you can be, because there will always be someone incapable even hold a fork in his hand that will pass in front of you because he has "the friend who recommended him."

Even to me it was proposed a "help" once, and I said NO, because I have done alone, because I want to conquer and of meriting my position.
But as always in this country, honesty and merit are a utopia.

But thanks to the internet, because I can work with the rest of the world, from America to Japan, where there is a meritocracy, where those who want to work can grow and the others are at the bottom row to lick floors.

Sorry for the outburst.
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If you want, partnerships are reopened
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Merry Xmas! by michelefrigo
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Good morning to all!

I'm finally a little quiet so I open commissions.

If you are interested contact me via pm or by sending an email to

Thanks to all!
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I am available for new collaborations with companies and work with individuals.

Contact me privately if you are interested.

thanks :)
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Hi everybody!
Welcome to my profile, I hope you will like what you see.

Thank you in advance for your comments, criticism and possible suggestions to improve my work.

I hope to see my work in your favourite gallery and see me in your friends list!